115th Anniversary Archive Celebration

The Wigmore Hall archive consists of concert programmes, tickets, publicity material and photographs spanning the entire length of our history as a concert hall, from the opening concerts in 1901 right up to the present day.

The thousands of programmes cover all kinds of events, from concerts given by legendary figures such as Caruso, Britten and Skryabin to Shakespeare lectures, interpretative dance, recitals in historical costume and marionette theatre. In order to make this vast and varied collection as widely accessible as possible, our aim now is to bring the archive out of its boxes and make it available online, as an invaluable resource to researchers and performers and a fascinating journey through the history of this much-loved venue.

Celebratory Archive Project

As part of the 115th Anniversary celebrations, we have begun this project by digitising highlights from the first fifteen years; among these are Ravel’s first appearance in England, novelist John Buchan lecturing on the unfolding First World War, Wigmore Hall debut recitals from Myra Hess and Elena Gerhardt, and performances by Reynaldo Hahn, Camille Saint-Saëns, Max Reger, Cécile Chaminade and Gabriel Fauré.

Click on the years below to browse through some of our early highlights at the Hall:


Friday 31 May 1901 – Opening Concert
Helen Trust voice; Ferruccio Busoni piano; Raimund von zur-Mühlen tenor; Eugène Ysaÿe violin

Saturday 1 June 1901
Ben Davies tenor; Harry Plunket Greene baritone; Vladimir de Pachmann piano


Thursday 16 January 1902
Leopold Godowsky piano

Monday 27 January 1902
Bohemian String Quartet; Ella Spràvka piano; Bogea Oumiroff baritone

Saturday 15 February 1902
Teresa Carreño piano

Wednesday 26 November 1902
Ferruccio Busoni piano


Wednesday 11 February 1903
José Vianna da Motta piano

Friday 24 April 1903
Frederic Lamond piano

Saturday 23 May 1903
Vladimir de Pachmann piano

Thursday 28 May 1903
Leopold Godowsky piano; Jacques Thibaud violin

Thursday 4 June 1903
Raimund von zur-Mühlen tenor; Coenraad V. Bos accompanist

Tuesday 3 November 1903
Ethel Barns violin; Charles Phillips baritone; Egon Petri piano


Saturday 20 February 1904
Artur Schnabel piano

Monday 29 February 1904
George Enescu violin

Thursday 21 April 1904
Eugen d'Albert piano

Tuesday 14 June 1904
Jaroslav Kocián violin; Tullio Voghera piano

Wednesday 29 June 1904
Marjorie Wigley piano; Myra Hess piano; York Bowen piano; Dorothy Grinstead piano; Mrs. Tobias Matthay reciter; Irene Scharrer piano; Felix Swinstead piano

Thursday 27 October 1904
Irene Scharrer piano

Monday 31 October 1904
Pablo de Sarasate violin; Otto Neitzel piano

Thursday 3 November 1904
York Bowen piano

Friday 2 December 1904
Walter Creighton baritone; Edith Clegg contralto; Beatrice Spencer soprano; Arthur Foxton Ferguson baritone; Harriet Solly violin


Thursday 16 February 1905
Victor Maurel baritone; Margaret Huston mezzo-soprano; Philipp Abbas cello

Sunday 5 March 1905
Concert Club Orchestra; Ada Crossley contralto; Maud MacCarthy violin; May Harrison violin

Friday 28 April 1905
Ignaz Friedman piano

Monday 8 May 1905
Joachim Quartet

Monday 5 June 1905
Queen's Hall Orchestra; Thomas Beecham conductor; Frederic Austin baritone; Fanny Davies piano

Monday 19 June 1905
Cécile Chaminade piano; Muriel Foster contralto; Max Mayer accompanist; Kate Eadie accompanist

Wednesday 15 November 1905
Percy Grainger piano

Monday 4 December 1905
Fanny Davies piano; Richard Mühlfeld clarinet


Monday 7 May 1906
Joachim Quartet; Fanny Davies piano; Richard Mühlfeld clarinet; Frank Bridge viola

Wednesday 16 May 1906
Léon Rennay baritone; Reynaldo Hahn piano, voice; Mary Law violin

Wednesday 23 May 1906
Joseph 'Jóska' Szigeti violin; Hilda Foster voice; orchestra

Wednesday 13 June 1906
Elena Gerhardt mezzo-soprano; Arthur Nikisch

Wednesday 27 June 1906
Ševčík Quartet

Thursday 12 July 1906
Camille Saint-Saëns piano; Joseph Hollmann cello

Friday 13 July 1906
Gala concert in aid of the Italian Hospital

Thursday 8 November 1906
Harold Bauer piano


Wednesday 22 May 1907
Serge Koussevitzky double bass; Fritz Lindemann piano

Wednesday 3 July 1907
Leonard Borwick piano; Karel Halíř violin; Robert Hausmann cello

Wednesday 20 November 1907
Alfred Cortot piano; Albert Spalding violin

Monday 2 December 1907
St. Petersburg String Quartet

Saturday 7 December 1907
Ricardo Viñes piano; Hélène Luquiens soprano; Gabriel Willaume violin; Georges Morel violin; Emile Macon viola; Louis Feuillard cello


Wednesday 18 March 1908
Jeanne Raunay mezzo-soprano; Gabriel Fauré piano; Mrs. Carl Derenburg (Ilona Eibenschütz) piano

Monday 23 March 1908
May Harrison violin; Hamilton Harty piano

Wednesday 25 March 1908
La Société de Concerts d'Instruments Anciens

Tuesday 17 November 1908
Gervase Elwes tenor; Roger Quilter accompanist; Charles Villiers Stanford accompanist; Herbert Hughes accompanist


Monday 26 April 1909
Jane Bathori mezzo-soprano; Pierre-Émile Engel tenor; Maurice Ravel accompanist; Florent Schmitt accompanist; Mary Vadot piano

Monday 10 May 1909
Mrs. Henry J. Wood voice; Max Reger piano; Ackroyd Quartet

Tuesday 8 June 1909
Adila Fachiri (d'Arányi) violin; Jelly d'Arányi violin; Donald Francis Tovey piano; Hortense von Arányi piano

Wednesday 9 June 1909
Julien Henry baritone; Edith Evans soprano; Charles Barré violin; Samuel Coleridge-Taylor accompanist; Frederick William Holloway piano

Wednesday 20 October 1909
Marie Soldat violin; Pablo Casals cello; Leonard Borwick piano


Tuesday 8 February 1910
Benno Moiseiwitsch piano

Wednesday 8 June 1910
Camille Saint-Saëns piano; Orchestra; Benoit Hollander

Wednesday 12 October 1910
Maria Philippi contralto; Donald Francis Tovey piano; Pablo Casals cello

Wednesday 2 November 1910
Leonard Borwick piano; Jacques Thibaud violin; Frank Bridge viola; Pablo Casals cello


Friday 10 February 1911
Adela Verne piano

Tuesday 25 April 1911
Myra Hess piano

Saturday 27 May 1911
Jean Gerardy cello; Leopold Godowsky piano

Monday 19 June 1911
Max Pauer piano


Thursday 15 February 1912
Beatrice Harrison cello; Hamilton Harty piano, organ; Cyril Scott piano

Tuesday 20 February 1912
Carl Flesch violin; Richard Epstein piano

Thursday 29 February 1912
Paul Kochanski violin; Hamilton Harty piano

Wednesday 13 March 1912
Leonard Borwick piano; Adolf Busch violin; Ivor James cello

Wednesday 20 March 1912
Pablo Casals cello; Elly Ney piano

Friday 24 May 1912
Artur Rubinstein piano

Friday 14 June 1912
Maggie Teyte soprano; Sidney Stoeger accompanist

Wednesday 13 November 1912
Ernő Dohnányi piano; Adila Fachiri (d'Arányi) violin; Lionel Tertis viola; May Mukle cello


Monday 3 February 1913
Rosé Quartet; Mrs. Carl Derenburg (Ilona Eibenschütz) piano

Saturday 22 February 1913
Egon Petri piano

Thursday 24 April 1913
Paul Kochanski violin; Mrs. George Swinton (Elizabeth 'Elsie' Ebsworth) mezzo-soprano; Hamilton Harty piano

Friday 16 May 1913
Edwin Fischer piano; Thornely Gibson bass-baritone

Friday 23 May 1913
London String Quartet

Thursday 4 December 1913
Jascha Spivakovsky piano

Thursday 4 December 1913
Hermann Gura baritone; Richard Epstein accompanist

Wednesday 10 December 1913
British Chamber Music Players

Wednesday 17 December 1913
Rhoda von Glehn soprano; English String Quartet; Maurice Ravel conductor, piano; Frederick Septimus Kelly piano; Gwendolen Mason harp


Friday 20 March 1914
Aleksandr Skryabin piano

Wednesday 10 June 1914
London String Quartet; Carrie Tubb soprano; James Lockyer viola; Herbert Dawson accompanist

Saturday 13 June 1914
Paul Kochanski violin; Artur Rubinstein piano; Paul Draper tenor

Tuesday 7 July 1914
Artur Rubinstein piano; Paul Kochanski violin; Emmy Destinn soprano; Bogea Oumiroff baritone; Ruby Wertheimer soprano; Dinh Gilly baritone; Louise Kirkby Lunn contralto


Saturday 6 March 1915
Benno Moiseiwitsch piano

Monday 22 March 1915
John Buchan lecturer

Monday 19 April 1915
John Buchan lecturer

Tuesday 20 April 1915
Albert Sammons violin; Vasily Safonov piano

Monday 26 April 1915
John Buchan lecturer

Tuesday 11 May 1915
William Murdoch piano

Monday 17 May 1915
Paul Helmer lecturer; Hilaire Belloc lecturer

Thursday 3 June 1915
Isolde Menges violin; Hamilton Harty piano

Thursday 10 June 1915
Isolde Menges violin; Hamilton Harty piano


Here are some fun items from our archive, including a ticket to our inaugural concert, some very early photographs of the Hall, a paper seating book and the Duty Commissionaire’s hat!

115th Anniversary Archive Celebration

  • A ticket to our first concert at the Hall

    A ticket to our first concert at the Hall

  • Inside the Auditorium

    Inside the Auditorium

  • The Entrance Foyer

    The Entrance Foyer

  • Outside the Hall

    Outside the Hall

  • The Duty Commissionaire's hat!

    The Duty Commissionaire's hat!

  • A concert in the 1930s

    A concert in the 1930s

  • A seating book (before we used computers) for a concert by Elly Ameling

    A seating book (before we used computers) for a concert by Elly Ameling

  • Marionettes at Wigmore Hall on 14 January 1947

    Marionettes at Wigmore Hall on 14 January 1947

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