Box Office Arrangements

Ticket Price Ranges

Ticket Prices

Tickets are sold at a range of prices with the following row divisions (number of tickets in each area in parentheses):

  • Stalls C – M (area a: 200)
  • Stalls A – B, N – P, Balcony(area b: 169)
  • Stalls Q – S, BB/CC (area c: 66)
  • Stalls T – V, AA (area d: 620)
  • Stalls W– X, Wheelchair spaces Y (area e: 40)

The Trust reserves the right to change the ranges. Any changes to the range will be notified in writing.

The capacity of the Hall is 537.

  • Stalls (incl. 3 wheelchair spaces): 461
  • Balcony: 76

In addition a maximum of 7 standing places will be released for sale at midday on the concert day if all seats have been sold. The price of these is left to the discretion of the House Manager, but will normally be approximately 80% of the lowest seat price. Wheelchair spaces (and seats sold to accompanying persons) will be sold at approximately 70% of the lowest seat price.

Please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for recommended price ranges.



Tickets are sold at the Wigmore Hall Box Office and supplied free of charge, under the following conditions: Tickets will either be divided into five price ranges with the divisions corresponding to those laid out in 6 (a), or will be sold at one price. In either case the lowest price must never be lower than £10.00. Concerts in the Wigmore Hall Series must include a lowest ticket price of £18.00.

Sale-or-return tickets are available from the Box Office and must be sold in accordance with the instructions given by the Box Office when the tickets are collected. They must be returned by 11:30 am on the day before the performance (Sunday & Monday performances by 11:30 am on Friday).

The Box Office will retain at least four rows of tickets in each price range, which are not available for sale-or-return. The normal Box Office commission rate applies; sale-or-return tickets should not therefore be used for guests. Please request your sale-or-return tickets as early as possible to ensure best availability.

Complimentary Tickets

Complimentary Tickets

Complimentary tickets must be reserved before booking has opened, where possible. Requests should be made in writing by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The promoter may not issue more than 30 complimentary tickets without prior written approval of the Hall Management. There is no commission charge for the first 30 complimentary tickets, but the Hall will charge commission on any complimentary tickets after the first 30. The availability of particular seating positions cannot be guaranteed for complimentary ticket requests received after booking has opened. Final requests for complimentary tickets should be made in writing to the Box Office no later than midday on the concert date.

Please note that any requests for complimentary tickets for disabled patrons should be made further in advance to ensure availability of appropriate seating.

Press Tickets

Press Tickets

Members of the press should contact by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at to arrange press tickets. Press tickets are not sent to the promoter. NB: These tickets are only valid for members of the press and are not transferable.

Ticket Reductions

Ticket Reductions

Standby Tickets: A standby ticket system operates from 1 hour before the performance, subject to availability, for students, unemployed and senior citizens, on production of the appropriate card. They may buy tickets in the higher price categories for the cost of the lowest price ticket.

It is assumed that you will take part in the standby system as outlined above unless you inform the Hall Management, in writing, to the contrary when you return the Agreement.

Group Discounts: A 10% discount is offered to groups of 12 or more.

Discounts for disabled people and their companion: A 30% discount is offered on all tickets to disabled people and one companion.

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