Recording The Concert

Concerts may be recorded for private or commercial use, subject to the appropriate charges and completion of the Hall's relevant Declaration Form.

On no account are private recordings, audio or visual, to be put to commercial use without negotiation with the Director and agreement of the appropriate fee.

In-House and Third Party Audio Recordings

Arrangements for an audio recording must be made with the Hall Management at least one month prior to the performance date, at which time the name of the recording service/company should be notified to the Hall Management. A Declaration Form must be completed for all recordings.

The charge for making an audio recording of a concert using the in-house recording service is £390 plus VAT for private use. The Hall’s in-house recording service is inclusive of the £130 facility fee and comprises balancing, recording, mastering and editing of the concert performance. Balancing will take place an hour and a half before the start of the concert. Rehearsals can be recorded at an additional charge of £55 per hour plus VAT. Any additional editing will be at a cost of £30 per hour plus VAT. On completion, the artist/promoter will be supplied with the CD-R master/digitial file.

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call on 020 7258 8264 for more information.

Third-party recording companies or engineers should be chosen from the recommended list which can be supplied by the Director's Office on request. You should ask for quotations before booking an engineer as prices vary considerably. The facility fee for third-party recording companies making an audio recording is £130 plus VAT for private use.

Please note that Wigmore Hall does not provide recording equipment.


In addition to those conditions listed above for audio recording, filming activity requires a minimum of three months’ notice in writing as seats may need to be taken off sale.

All filming must be taken from a pre-arranged, fixed position in the auditorium; the operator is not permitted to move around the auditorium during the concert. Please notify the Hall about the number of cameras to be used. Wigmore Hall reserves the right to make an additional charge for any loss of ticket revenue incurred by filming. The facility fee for third-party companies filming a concert is £230 plus VAT for private use, and a Declaration Form must be completed.

For further details please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call on 020 7258 8264.


Photography is only permitted with advance permission from the Hall Management. If permission is granted, a charge of £75 plus VAT will be made.

On no account are photographs permitted to be taken during the performance. Photographs may only be taken during audience applause immediately prior to the concert interval or at the end of the concert, by prior agreement with the Hall Management. Violation of these rules can result in immediate removal from the Hall and loss of facilities.

All recordings/photography are at the discretion of the Hall Management.

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