Accessing our live streams

Our live streams are here: Live Stream

The library of past live streams is here: Video Library

Click or tap below if you need help watching.

Watch on your home computer / laptop

You will need a computer (desktop or laptop)


  1. Open your internet browser and type into the address bar:

    - then press the Enter key

  2. You’ll see our live-stream page, upon which the next live stream is displayed. Click play:

  3. Once the video is playing, click the full-screen icon to make the video broadcast fill your whole screen:


Watch on your mobile device (tablet or phone)

You will need either a smartphone (Android, iPhone or similar) or a tablet (iPad, Surface, Android tablet or similar)


  1. Open a browser (Safari, Chrome, etc): safari 2 chrome
  2. Type into the address bar:



Note: charges may apply if your mobile device is using a mobile network, rather than your home Wi-Fi, or if your home Wi-Fi is metered and an allowance is in place.

Watch on your television

You will need either a smart TV, with the YouTube app installed or a smart TV device, (e.g. Amazon Firestick, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, Roku Premiere/Express), with the YouTube app installed


  1. Open the YouTube app, log in with a google account if you have one, and search for ‘Wigmore Hall

  2. Our next live stream will show in the search results:



I can’t access the stream using my computer

Your operating system might need updating or your internet browser might need updating. Please double check your software and try again.

I can’t access the stream using my mobile device

Your mobile device might not be connected to the internet. Make sure you are connected to your Wi-Fi and try again.

I have a smart TV, but the apps don’t work

Your TV might not be connected to the Internet. Sadly, we can’t supply instructions on how to connect all possible TVs to all possible Wi-Fi networks. Assuming you have an internet connection, and there is usually a ‘Settings’ button on the remote. Try looking for that, or searching online for the TV's user manual.

The sound isn’t very good

We broadcast a high-quality audio stream. To improve your sound, you could use headphones, connect your computer or mobile device to a portable loudspeaker (most Bluetooth speakers have an auxiliary input) or to a spare input on your HiFi system.

Can't I just email you?

Whilst we are very good indeed at running a world-class concert hall, we might not be equally expert in unravelling the mind-bending mysteries of 21st century consumer technologies.  That said, if you've worked through this page and are still having trouble, we'll do our best to answer your query if you send us an email. To give us the best chance, please be sure to include as much detail about your problem, and how you are trying to watch, as you can.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.