Cookie policy


Cookies get their name from a computer programming technique, in which ‘magic cookies’ were passed from routine to routine so that disparate parts of a computer program could share information.

Websites use cookies in a similar way; by storing information in tiny text files which are placed on your device (computer/mobile phone/tablet, etc.) when you visit the site, creating a kind of ‘memory’, just for that website, so that your visit, and subsequent visits,  can be managed in the manner to which you have become accustomed. To protect your privacy, each web domain can access only those cookies which were stored by that specific web domain. This means that only Wigmore Hall’s web servers can access the cookies set by the domains.

Cookies are used by Wigmore Hall’s website to help with two basic tasks – managing your visit to the site and helping us to improve the site:

Managing your visit

‘Session cookies’ are used to keep track of your login details and what you’re in the process of purchasing. Without these cookies, our site could not process your transactions. They only reside on your device temporarily and are removed when you log out of our website or when you close your browser. You can read more about session cookies here:

Helping us to improve our website

Analytics cookies enable us to track and report upon the ways in which visitors arrive at our website and their subsequent use of the site. This information helps us to streamline our website, so that users can get to what they need as easily and efficiently as possible. The information also helps us save money by cutting back on online advertising campaigns to which our audience is not responding.

Like many websites, the cookies we use for these performance and analytic tasks are anonymous visitor statistics cookies, managed by Google and CrazyEgg, and technical data management cookies managed by New Relic. Using these means that we can make use of the standard, free Google Analytics reporting tools, the paid Crazy Egg reporting tools and the services of New Relic, which help us troubleshoot the website code and match errors to session details.

Giving us your permission to use cookies

If the settings on your browser software which you are using to view this website are adjusted to accept cookies, or you have clicked 'OK' on the cookie bar that appeared the first time that you visited our website then we take this and your use of our website to mean that you agree to our use of cookies. If you wish to remove or not use cookies from our site then you can do so within the settings of your browser or device and the providers of your browser software or device can assist you with this, but please note that doing so would mean that whilst our site will still work for browsing,  transactional services and account management will not work as you would expect and in some cases will not work at all.

Cookies dropped by our site and associated services

Temporary cookies set during payment:

Cookie Source: 3DSECURE
Cookie names: 3DSSTBIP, DMC, TESTCOOKIE, cy_track_user
Purpose: Temporary cookies that support the "Verified by VISA" or "MasterCard Secure Code" window which appears in the event of an online credit or debit card payment

Cookie source: TNSPayments
Cookie names: __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmt, __utmz
Purpose: Temporary cookies used by Mastercard/Transaction Network Services to collect anonymous information about how visitors use the payment window into which you type your credit card details when making payment on our website. They use the information to compile reports and to help them improve the payment process. We use Mastercard's card services to safeguard our customer's payment card data.

Cookie source: MASTERPASS
Cookie names: LBSESSION, LBSESSION-masterpass, RT, ak_bmsc, bm_sv
Purpose: Used by MasterPass digital wallet (a MasterCard service) to anonymously identify a users session on the website. It is necessary to do this so that the card services can return data to our website in order to properly manage successful payments and to give customers as much detail as possible about the problems encountered for failed transactions.

Longer-life cookies used to ensure that the website functions properly:

Cookie source: Wigmore Hall
Cookie names: __cfduid, _ga, _gid, joomla_user_state, wigmoreCookiePolicy, wigmoreNewsletterPopup
Purpose: Used by our website to manage your basket, your logged in status and other information that is specific to your session, like whether you have acknowledged the Cookie message and the e-list signup that pops up on some of our pages, in order that you're not bothered with them again

Longer-life cookies used to help us analyse use of the site, monitor for errors and optimise code:

Cookie source: New Relic
Cookie name: JSESSIONID
Purpose: Used to store a session identifier so that New Relic can anonymously track your session on our site and present us with analytical information and errors

Cookie source: Google
Cookie names: DV, _gat_UA-6699723-1, __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz
Purpose: Used to collect information about how visitors use our site which we use to compile reports to help us make improvements. The cookies enable the collection of information in an anonymous form, including the number of visitors to the site, where visitors have come to the site from and the pages they visited.

Longer life cookies to support third parties:

Cookie source: AddEvent
Cookie name: addevent_track_cookie
Purpose: This cookie facilitates the adding of events to an online calendar, like Google, Yahoo or Hotmail

Cookie source: Facebook
Cookie name: fr
Purpose: Used by Facebook to anonomously idenitfy a users session on the website.


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