Autumn 2020 Wigmore Series; December concerts ticketing information

Seats for our Autumn Series concerts from Monday 7 December to Tuesday 22 December are available to Friends of Wigmore Hall through a ballot, which will open on Monday 30 November.

We are doing our very best, within incredibly tight financial constraints and with a reduced staff, to keep artists working by presenting live music for audiences to enjoy. With the strict limits we must place upon capacity, we are first opening the ballots to our Friends, whose support has and will sustain the Hall’s operations through this difficult period.

In line with our charitable objectives, we are pleased to be broadcasting all Autumn Series concerts in HD video online, free of charge, to anyone who wishes to access them. We hope to be able to welcome larger audiences back to the Hall as soon as it is feasible.

Some changes to these planned concerts will be inevitable given the current situation. We always endeavour to re-programme similar genres, and will inform all successful ballot entrants if changes to artists or repertoire have been necessary.

  • The ballot for concerts from Monday 7 December to Tuesday 22 December will open on Monday 30 November and close on Wednesday 2 December at 12:00PM.
  • Ballots are open to Friends of Wigmore Hall, who get private access to the ballot forms via a link in a personalised email, which we send when each ballot opens. Find out more about becoming a Friend of Wigmore Hall here
  • Timescales for ballots are short to allow us to keep in step with any changes there might be to regulations.

Please note that dates can be subject to change and always check the ballot and concert dates in the emails we send you.

  • We hope to be able to welcome all of our Friends to a concert in the Autumn Series, but strict limits have been imposed upon capacity in the auditorium. If seats are not available for the concerts you have requested, we may allocate you seats to an alternative concert in that ballot. You have the opportunity to decline alternatives when you submit your ballot entry.

How it works

If you are a Friend of Wigmore Hall and wish to: enter the ballot(s) and attend concerts in our new Autumn Series, this is the procedure:

  • You will receive a ballot email. The email will have an ‘Enter the ballot now’ button on it, like this:

    enter ballot now
  • Clicking on the link will take you to the online ballot form.
  • Text on the form will clearly explain:
    • The concerts which are being balloted
    • The conditions for attendance, in line with government COVID-19 guidance
    • Ballot instructions (a condensed version of the information on this page)
  • On the ballot form, you are required to do the following:
    • Select all the concerts which you would like to attend, using the checkboxes.
    • Indicate whether you want 1 or 2 seats. 2 is the maximum. If you request 2 seats and are successful in the ballot, these 2 seats will be together, so should be used by you and someone from your household or support bubble. This choice covers all of the concerts in the ballot; currently, it is not possible for our ballot system to accomodate different numbers of seats for different concerts 
    • Indicate whether you would like us to allocate you an alternative concert if seats for the concert(s) you have chosen are not available
    • Indicate whether you have mobility or access requirements. If you do, and your ballot entry is successful, we will contact you for details.
  • When the ballot closes, successful entrants will receive a payment notification email. This email will give details of the seats that have been allocated and will indicate whether payment is required.  We will use customer account credit to pay for seats where possible.
  • If there is an outstanding balance, the payment notification email will contain a payment link which you can click on to pay for your seat(s).
  • The payment link will only be valid for 48 hours.  If you do not click the link and pay within that time, we will cancel your allocation and allocate your seats to someone else.  
  • We will do our best to seat concerts as quickly as possible. From the time each ballot closes, it will likely be a few days before allocations are finalised and payment notification emails are sent.
  • Please note, as a result of audience feedback the price of tickets for concerts in the Autumn Series has been increased to £25 per ticket.
  • All seat allocations are final. You can reject what you have been allocated using the ‘reject these seats’ button on the payment email, so that we can re-allocate them to someone else. We will not be able to offer anything but the seats we have allocated to you.
  • Upon your order being settled, you will receive a confirmation email which will give details of the time at which you should arrive and the door through which you should enter.
  • We are not printing or sending tickets for these concerts. We will instead be operating an attendees list at the door.
  • A few days before each concert, attendees will receive an email explaining what will happen when they arrive at Wigmore Hall. This information can always be found on the “COVID-19 and Wigmore Hall” section of our FAQ page

Terms and Conditions

  • The ballots are currently open to Friends of Wigmore Hall only. If you become a Friend in order to participate in the ballots, you may have to wait until the next ballot to take part.
  • Only one entry should be submitted for each ballot. If you submit more than one entry, we will process the entry we received most recently.
  • No further ballot submissions will be accepted after the stated deadline.
  • Entries cannot be accepted in any other way than via the online ballot form.
  • Friends of Wigmore Hall who are unable to use our website, or who do not have access to email, will be contacted separately and given the opportunity to participate in the ballots.
  • Successful ballot entrants will be sent a payment notification email. The payment notification email will show both the requested concert(s) and the concert(s) for which seats have been allocated.
  • Allocated seats must be paid for online, within 48 hours, using the payment link in the payment notification email. The payment notification email will clearly give a deadline date, before which payment should be completed.
  • 48 hours after payment emails are sent, orders that remain unpaid will be cancelled. Any seats released in this way will be allocated to entrants who were unsuccessful in the first round of the ballot. They will not be made available for sale in any other way.
  • If you have credit on your account, we will use this to pay for your seats. Any remaining balance can be settled using the payment link in the payment notification email.
  • Allocated seats must be used by the ballot entrant. They are not transferrable and cannot be resold.
  • When attending a concert, ticket holders must have identification, preferably the credit card that was used to pay for the seats.