CAVATINA Chamber Music Trust to join with Wigmore Hall

Wigmore Hall is to become the new home for the nationwide activities of the CAVATINA Chamber Music Trust.

CAVATINA has introduced chamber music to over 130,000 young people since 1998, through its schools concerts, workshops, and a free ticket scheme, which allows young people aged 8 – 25 to enjoy chamber music without barriers to entry. Founded by Simon Majaro MBE and his late wife Pamela Majaro MBE, CAVATINA has worked in partnership with Wigmore Hall for over 20 years, and now forms a major part of the Hall’s ongoing commitment to new audiences and its strategy to make tens of thousands of tickets available to young people every season, either for free or for just £5.

John Gilhooly, Director of Wigmore Hall, said, “I am very grateful to Simon Majaro for trusting the Hall to continue CAVATINA’s wonderful work. Wigmore Hall is today accessible for anybody who wants to hear great music, and by becoming the new home for CAVATINA we reaffirm that vital message. I am very pleased to bring CAVATINA under our auspices and to continue its activities across the country.”

Simon Majaro MBE, Founder and Trustee of CAVATINA, said, “My dream is that every child in the UK will be given an opportunity to hear chamber music from a young age and learn to appreciate this wonderful art form. CAVATINA has brought me great joy over the years, and I am so happy that the legacy will continue through Wigmore Hall, one of the greatest centres for chamber music anywhere in the world.”

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