Royal Academy of Music / Wigmore Hall Learning Fellowship Ensembles Announced

We are delighted to announce our two Fellowship Ensembles for 2021 in partnership with the Royal Academy of Music’s community and participation department, Open Academy: the Miyabi Duo and Nobody’s Jig.

Drawing on a large range of musical influences, the Miyabi Duo is a versatile ensemble comprising Saki Kato (Japan) and Hugh Millington (UK). Together they perform a variety of music for two guitars, ranging from new compositions to their own arrangements using both the classical guitar and the Shamisen, a traditional Japanese string instrument. The duo has a special focus on performing new music, and is particularly committed to performing and working in all areas of the wider community.

Nobody’s Jig is a trio which formed with the desire to explore some of the lesser-known elements of 17th-century folk traditions as well as more mainstream approaches to folk music from across the British Isles and further afield. Made up of harps, lutes and the voice, this combination of instruments draws on an old and intimate tradition of song accompaniment which travelled from Europe as far as Latin America in the 17th century. Ensemble members hail from musical traditions including traditional Irish and Mexican music as well as mainstream baroque and classical training.

“We are delighted to have been selected for one of this year's Open Academy and Wigmore Hall Learning ensemble fellowships. We are very much looking forward to creating music together with participants from all ages and working closely with the Open Academy and Wigmore Hall Learning teams. We love performing new music, and we are especially excited to work with one of the Rosie Johnson RPS Wigmore Hall apprentice composers, and to explore ways of introducing this music into a variety of settings. We would love to explore how music making can be unique in online settings as well as in person, and we’d like to thank the Open Academy and Wigmore Hall Learning teams for this wonderful opportunity.”

Saki Kato and Hugh Millington - Miyabi Duo

“This Fellowship is an extraordinary opportunity for our ensemble. We are so excited to spend the coming year being mentored by the amazing team at Wigmore Hall Learning and the Open Academy while also being able to share music that we are so passionate about. The ethos of the Wigmore Hall Learning programme is one that we wholeheartedly admire and having the opportunity to be collaborators in making this remarkable vision come to life is an honour and a privilege.”

Sergio Bucheli, Victoria Hodgkinson and Tara Viscardi - Nobody’s Jig

The ensembles will have the opportunity to take part in training days, workshops and mentoring, all tailored to the interests and development needs of each ensemble, giving them the understanding, confidence, skills and experience to develop their own work in the field of participatory music making.