Blog: Writing and Performing at Flora Gardens Primary School

Credit: Benjamin Ealovega

At Flora Gardens Primary School, we have been working with leaders Sam Glazer, Ollie Heath and Tim Keasley to create an after school chamber ensemble with focused on writing and performing their own compositions. To start the activity off, these leaders ran a taster session for all students in Years 4, 5, and 6 which explored creative composition and teamwork through ensemble playing.

After this taster session, a year six student wrote this mini blog about what she’s looking forward to the most:

What am I most looking forward to about the Chamber Ensemble? Well, really I'm unsure where to start. See, because I went to the taster session I got to see all the exciting new things we'll be learning and discovering - and I am positively certain that they will be great, so great I can barely contain my excitement. I know we'll be creating music and performing. I imagine we'll be looking at different genres of music and artists. Also I'm sure we'll look at many more interesting activities. We could even discover our hidden musical talents (everybody has one!).

Imagine being able to create music and combining ideas with other pupils. It would be loads of fun. So if you haven't already signed up, please do. The more the merrier - and think what you could accomplish working as a team.

year six student


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