Trainee Music Leader Scheme

Our Trainee Music Leader scheme is a unique opportunity for a musician to develop their workshop leadership skills in the context of learning and participation events and projects, working with a diverse range of groups and settings through a structured apprenticeship.

It is an 11-month bursary scheme made possible through a grant from the Michael Watson Charitable Trust, based within the Learning department at Wigmore Hall. The Trainee Music Leader will be supported by the Learning Director and Programme Manager: Schools and Early Years, as well as through regular meetings with an external mentor.

Wigmore Hall promotes over 500 Learning events per year, giving schools, families and community groups the opportunity to engage with workshops, concerts and creative projects taking place at Wigmore Hall itself, across London and further afield.

For over 20 years Wigmore Hall's renowned Learning programme has been giving people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities opportunities to take part in creative music making, engaging a broad and diverse audience through innovative creative projects, concerts, workshops and online resources.

The spirit of chamber music lies at the heart of all that we do: making music together as an ensemble, with every voice heard and equally valued.

We collaborate with a range of community, health, social care and education organisations, working together to engage people who might not otherwise have the opportunity to take part.