Introducing the 21/22 Cohort for the Early Years Training and Development Scheme

Wigmore Hall Learning is excited to present our new cohort of wonderful Trainee Support Musicians, selected for the 21/22 Early Years Training and Development Scheme.

This year’s cohort, made up of early career musicians and ensembles from across a range of musical backgrounds, will develop their skills in participatory music practice as part of Chamber Tots music workshops for families with children aged 1-5 years old.

In collaboration with music leaders and mentors, the Trainee Support Musicians will take part in the planning and development process for each workshop, attend rehearsals, contribute to idea sharing and perform as part of their ensemble. This opportunity aims to build experience in child-led music making and the creation of inspiring sessions for participating families.

Every year, Wigmore Hall recruits Trainee Support Musicians to take part in our Early Years Training and Development Scheme, which is forms part of the Pathways programme.

Introducing our Trainee Support Musicians for 21/22:

Our 2021/22 Royal Academy of Music/Wigmore Hall Fellowship Ensemble, MIZU Duo: Hannah Chow and Lynn Henderson
Joel Dixon
Ludovico Colombo
Daniella Abou Nassar
Nicholas Hann
Maria Osuchowska
Sally Palmer
Gigi Chiying Lam
Shelley Cox
Nevena Atanasova
Rebecca Burden
Magdalenna Krstevska

“Children tend to strongly connect to the different emotions expressed through music and it really fuels their imaginations. It will be fun to explore sounds with them, and I hope that being a part of this scheme will result in me becoming a more experienced and confident musician, teacher and workshop leader”

Maria Osuchowska

“There is nothing more beautiful than a room full of people all making music together and it's the best way to progress as a musician and teacher. I'm excited to learn more about music from my mentor, my peers and the children"

Nicholas Hann

“I’m looking forward to learning from the incredible mentors and other participants in the scheme - all of our varied backgrounds and interests will definitely create a really exciting environment to learn in”

Rebecca Burden