Wigmore Hall Learning returns to in-person workshops

In Person News 2We are delighted to have returned to in-person Learning workshops this summer, and we’re now leading a combination of online workshops for those who cannot – or would prefer not to – attend in person, and in-person workshops with a range of measures in place to ensure they are as safe as possible, both at Wigmore Hall and at partner settings.

It’s been fantastic to be back in the room with Singing with Friends, Chamber Tots, Cardinal Hume Centre, Come and Create, and Monday Afternoons. Some of the Wigmore Hall Learning staff told us about their experience of getting back to in-person sessions:

"This summer, Come and Create returned to in-person workshops and it was truly a memorable and special experience. The band were able to sing and jam together for the first time in-person since February 2020 and everyone was taken aback about how amazing it was to hear and play music in real life! After playing together for the first time, one band member said, ‘that just felt so amazing. I didn't hear any In Person News 1glitches, no zoom, no dog barking, no mum coming in!’.

It was also evident that our year online together has improved the band's music-making skills, as they improvised with more skill and creativity than we have ever experienced before. We're absolutely delighted to be back in the Hall and look forward to future workshops." Benjamin Redmayne, Programme Manager (Families and Young People)

"In June, our Monday Afternoons group for people affected by young onset dementia met in-person in Wimbledon for the first time in over a year! One person who used to regularly attend sessions moved into a care home last year, but his partner continued attending online sessions, and on Monday they were able to attend the session together with their daughter. After the session, his partner said, ‘Thank you all for the fantastic face to face session today. I could see the joy on [his] face, it was so emotional. A wonderful memory was made today. Thank you.’” Lydia Nickalls, Senior Programme Manager (Music for Life)