Women Composers at Wigmore Hall

Katy Hamilton and Emily Woolf explore the history of women composers at Wigmore Hall.

From the very beginning, works by women have been an integral part of concert programming at Wigmore Hall, and though trends and styles have shifted and changed through the years, there has never been a time when the creative voice of women was not given room on our stage.

Musician, writer and presenter Katy Hamilton and the Hall’s Archivist Emily Woolf provide a fascinating overview of women composers at Wigmore Hall, tracing the story of their works in performance here throughout the 20th century and up to the present day.

This podcast is an original recording of an Archive Event held for Friends of Wigmore Hall earlier this year. As such, there are a series of images that are referred to throughout the talk, which are available for viewing in the slideshow below.

To accompany this podcast, we have put together a playlist incorporating some of the music mentioned in the talk and a small selection of other works by women which have been performed at Wigmore Hall over the years.

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