Wigmore Hall Endowment Fund

Your collective contribution to artist development, bold creative ideas and music-making long into the future

Wigmore Hall’s Endowment Fund was launched in 2012, thanks to a major Arts Council led scheme to help organisations diversify their sources of income and invest in their long-term future. The Fund gives our audience and supporters a way of providing for many years of chamber music-making in this much-loved concert Hall.

In order to consistently present today’s best performers and ideas, we are building Wigmore Hall’s capacity to generate funding in the long term for

  • Major explorations of repertoire and other ambitious, innovative artistic projects
  • Artist Residencies which support an artist’s creativity, allowing them to connect with other artists and explore or showcase new ideas
  • Investment in astonishing and diverse artistry, so that the Hall is always able to reflect the best of talent worldwide
  • The preservation and ongoing maintenance of this heritage building
  • Wide-ranging initiatives to reach and connect with a broader audience digitally and through our Learning programme
  • Harnessing important opportunities or challenges as they arise (building expansion or artistic projects which might otherwise be unaffordable)

£25 million by 2028 to ensure longevity and security

Our long-term aim is to build a substantial, undesignated Endowment Fund which will generate significant and predictable income which can be used for projects most in need of additional support. We know that an endowment cannot provide the whole answer to funding Wigmore Hall in the long term and seeking regular support for each season is still a priority for us.

An Endowment is an important safety net in a challenging financial climate, and it allows our donors to make a lasting contribution and connect with specific projects.

Financial management

Wigmore Hall’s Endowment is managed by Partners Capital, who specialise in managing endowments for major institutions and foundations. They work closely with Wigmore Hall’s investment Committee and are ultimately accountable to Wigmore Hall’s Trustees.

A meaningful contribution to Wigmore Hall’s future

There are many ways in which a contribution can be made and connected with particular aspects of Wigmore Hall’s artistic programme or operations. For further information on the Wigmore Hall Endowment Fund please contact either John Gilhooly directly or Marie-Hélène Osterweil, Director of Development, who will take you through Wigmore Hall’s priorities and explain how the Fund is managed.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.