Legacy Giving

'Wigmore Hall has been a part of my life, and that of innumerable friends, for all my time in London and I cannot imagine the city without it. I felt that any money I could leave the Hall would enable it to continue to bring in some of the greatest musicians of our age and the next.'

A member of the Wigmore Hall audience

A lasting gift to the Wigmore Hall trust

Absolutely anyone can leave a legacy gift to Wigmore Hall and be part of the Wigmore Society (formerly Bechstein Society). The Society was formed to recognise and keep in touch with those thoughtful individuals who have included a gift to Wigmore Hall in their Will.

You can leave us even 1% in your Will so those closest to you inherit 99%.

Every gift in every Will makes a difference and all you need to give to your solicitor or professional adviser is our registered charity number (no. 1024838). It is as easy as that.

The Wigmore Hall Trust’s management ensures that all legacies are spent where the need is greatest and we are always happy to discuss our donors’ specific intentions with them. Please do get in touch.

John Gilhooly, Director - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Marie-Hélène Osterweil, Director of Development - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download the pdf below for further information about leaving a legacy in your Will.
Bechstein Society brochure

Current Wigmore Society members

Aubrey Adams OBE
Ralph and Elizabeth Aldwinckle
Geoff Andrew
Jenifer Ball
Alan Bell-Berry
E.T. Benjamin
Mary Bernard and Ian Fleming
Paula Best
John and Julia Boyd
Alfred Bradley
Wolf-Reiner Braun and John Sinclair
Sir Michael Buckley
Gwen and Stanley Burnton
Anthony Davis
Jane Douglas
Roger and Patricia Down
Dr. Anthony Eisinger
Shirley Ellis
Susan Scrimgeour and Richard Emanuel
Dr Mervyn T A Evans
John and Amy Ford
Francesca Fremantle
Simon Gilbert
John Gilhooly
Christopher and Janet Goode
Michael Gough
Marion A. Grant
David Gutman
Benjamin Hargreaves
Julia Hill
Michael Hodges
Geoff Hutchings

Dr Jennifer Jones
Su and Neil Kaplan
Sir Timothy and Lady Lloyd
Richard H and Lo L Lo
Dame Felicity Lott
Marianne and Andy Lusher
Patricia Marks
Michael and Lynne McGowan
Mr Graham McLanachan
Colin Menzies
Tricia and Dan Miller
Peter and Rosemary Moore
Mr and Mrs Paul Morgan
Isobel Moses
Valerie O'Connor
Ken Organ
Marie-Hélène Osterweil
Roy and Celia Palmer
Serena Sutcliffe
Oliver Prenn
Evelyn Richardson
Julia Roth
Mrs D C Rowan
Dr. Louise Scheuer
Robin and Anne Sharp
Ian Simons
Mr Nick Soar
Cita and Irwin Stelzer
Marilyn Stock
The Revd John Swarbrick
Gerry Wakelin