Gifts in Wills

'Wigmore Hall has been a part of my life, and that of innumerable friends, for all my time in London and I cannot imagine the city without it. I felt that any money I could leave the Hall would enable it to continue to bring in some of the greatest musicians of our age and the next.'

A member of the Wigmore Hall audience

Remembering Wigmore Hall in your Will

Since 1901, Wigmore Hall has become a much-loved venue for the performance of chamber music and song. The Hall has sustained its position as one of the most respected concert halls in the world, thanks to the continued generous support from its audiences.

What a Gift in your Will can do

As a registered charity (no. 1024838) Gifts in Wills are an important source of income for Wigmore Hall and enable it to continue its long-standing tradition of presenting great artists, encouraging new talent, and making chamber music and song accessible to younger audiences both at the Hall and in the community. This kind of gift can ensure that your experience of Wigmore Hall is shared by future generations.

Why we need your help

Maintaining the scope of our programmes is challenging, year in and year out. We rely on the help of the Friends of Wigmore Hall and all our donors, including those who have left gifts in their Wills, to meet an annual funding gap. Wigmore Hall cannot function on the revenue from ticket sales and public grants alone. Gifts in Wills, whatever the size, can make an enormous difference to what we are able to do and will benefit both artists and audiences of the future. You can be central to Wigmore Hall's achievements in future years

Your gift will go a long way to:
  • Provide performance and creative opportunities for established and emerging artists
  • Fund the ever-expanding concert programme
  • Help our Learning programme thrive
  • Develop audiences of the future
  • Maintain Wigmore Hall's heritage, the building and its growing archive

Bechstein Banner

Wigmore Hall is delighted to announce the launch of the Bechstein Society which recognises the visionary individuals in our audience who have included a gift to Wigmore Hall in their Will.

Absolutely anyone can leave a legacy gift to Wigmore Hall and be a part of the Bechstein Society. Gifts of any size are important and will help provide for the stable future and vitality of this Hall.

The Wigmore Hall Trust's management ensures that all legacies are spent where the need is greatest and we are always happy to discuss our donors' specific intentions with them.

If you have any questions and would like a discussion in confidence please contact:

John Gilhooly, Director
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Marie-Hélène Osterweil, Director of Development
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020 7258 8230

Download the pdf below for further information about leaving a legacy in your Will.
pdf Leaving A Legacy In My Will (81 KB)