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Join today and be part of our efforts to rebuild our programmes and audiences at this critical time

‘The Wigmore Ensemble has grown out of the spirit of generosity and togetherness we have felt during this crisis. You can help provide the stable foundation we need to move forward on our journey to full recovery over the months and years ahead.

John Gilhooly, Director

Since March 2020, we have relied almost entirely on donations to support our artistic community and the Hall’s operations. It will take time for our audiences to regain confidence, and ticket sales, which have been decimated over the last year, a long time to rebuild. Looking ahead the economics remain precarious. Live music making was at the heart of our response to the pandemic; we now need to make sure that the Hall is able to navigate financial and artistic challenges head on during a period of recovery.

The Wigmore Ensemble will be central to our efforts in re-establishing financial stability. By joining you will help us:

  • Re-establish the full, international roster of artists who have become used to seeing and hearing at the Hall
  • Maintain a long tradition of support for new and emerging talent, whose careers have been drastically affected during the pandemic
  • Invest in rebuilding audiences at the Hall and remain connected with music lovers all over the world through our live broadcasts

Stable investment in our artistic programme will mean we can plan ahead and make essential longer-term investments in artists and bold explorations of repertoire, ensuring each season remains as unique and exceptional as the last, even as we contend with ongoing uncertainty.

Your Support

Suggested minimum annual donation of £1,200*

This is an entirely philanthropic contribution, but as thanks for your support members will receive Priority Booking ahead of Patron Friends and will be credited in all Wigmore Hall donor listings.

You can choose to direct your contribution towards the area of the programme that means most to you or make a general gift towards the whole programme.

*All donations can be made in instalments by Direct Debit, starting from £100/month. If you are able to give more than the suggested amount, we would be enormously grateful.

We want your gift to support what means most to you - please indicate below:

Join the Wigmore Ensemble

For more information, or to discuss your gift to Wigmore Hall in more detail, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Head of Development.