Thursday 27 June 1901 3:30PM

Adelaide Burton mezzo-soprano; Hugo Heinz baritone; Maurice Farkoa tenor; Willibald Richter piano

Deacon, Noel Johnson, Haberbier and more


  • Adelaide Burton mezzo-soprano* *Wigmore Hall Debut
  • Hugo Heinz baritone* *Wigmore Hall Debut
  • Maurice Farkoa tenor
  • Willibald Richter piano

This afternoon (or 'morning') concert was given by mezzo-soprano Adelaide Burton, who had already appeared in some events around London including one of the Ballad Concerts at St. James's Hall. She shared the stage with the popular music-hall vocalist Maurice Farkoa and the baritone Hugo Heinz, who had been due to give his Wigmore Hall debut at a concert the previous evening but had had to cancel owing to illness.

German-born pianist Willibald Richter had also appeared in the previous evening's concert and here performed some pieces of his own, as well as a selection of Études-Poésies by Ernst Haberbier, which would not be heard again at Wigmore Hall until Richter returned to play them in 1927. A review in The Times remarked on their excellence but reported that they were ‘hardly audible, such was the loquacity of the audience.’

  • Charles Deacon
        • Afterwards
  • William Noel Johnson (1863-1916)
        • The River and the Sea
  • Ernst Haberbier (1813-1869)
      • Études-poésies Op. 53
        • No. 1 Prelude
        • No. 8 Bardengesang
        • No. 5 Sérénade
        • No. 14 Bächlein
  • Jules Massenet (1842-1912)
        • Sonnet
  • Reynaldo Hahn (1874-1947)
        • Si mes vers avaient des ailes
  • Jules Massenet
      • Poëme d'amour
        • Ouvre tes yeux bleus, ma mignonne
        • Songs
  • Willibald Richter (1860-1929)
        • Concert Study in F sharp major
        • Concert Study in C minor
  • Jules Massenet
        • Aubade
  • Paolo Tosti (1846-1916)
        • Allons voir

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