Wednesday 21 March 2018 5:45PM

Bechstein Sessions: Ignite


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  • Ignite
  • Jackie Walduck leader
  • Daniel Parkin flute
  • James Barralet cello
  • Lucy Shaw double bass
  • Vicky Wright clarinet
  • Philip Wells performance poet

Ignite is a chamber ensemble which performs through improvisation, and for which many different composers have written new commissions.

The group is joined by performance poet Philip Wells for a varied programme including works by Takemitsu and Jackie Walduck, and a new piece by Lebanse composer Layale Chaker.

  • Jackie Walduck
        • Hot Foot Frenzy
  • Luke Bedford (b.1978)
        • Self-Assembly Composition
  • Layale Chaker
        • Confused Cherry Trees
  • Tōru Takemitsu (1930-1996)
        • Itinerant (arr. Ignite)
  • Jackie Walduck
        • Skeeter
        • Improvised set with The Fire Poet Philip Wells
  • Elspeth Brooke (b.1981)
        • Unter den Linden