Sunday 25 October 2015 7:30PM

Vox Luminis; Lionel Meunier artistic director

Evening and Morning


  • Vox Luminis
  • Lionel Meunier artistic director

Lionel Meunier’s Vox Luminis brings a wealth of fresh ideas and insights to its Purcell interpretations, informed by extensive experience of performing works by the composer’s Central European contemporaries and deep immersion in his music.

The ensemble presents a programme of sacred songs and anthems by Henry Purcell and his teacher John Blow, concluding with the majestic verse anthem My heart is inditing, written for and first performed at the Coronation of James II in 1685.

  • Henry Purcell: A Retrospective is made possible thanks to all our contributors to the Wigmore Hall Endowment Fund, whose purpose is to help fund important artistic projects.
  • John Blow (1648-1708)
        • My God, my God, look upon me
  • Henry Purcell (c.1659-1695)
        • Now that the sun hath veiled his light (An Evening Hymn on a Ground) Z193
        • In Guilty Night (Saul and the Witch of Endor) Z134
        • Sonata of Three Parts No. 8 in G major Z797
        • Close thine eyes and sleep secure (Upon a Quiet Conscience) Z184
        • No stars again shall hurt you Z631
  • John Blow
        • God spake sometime in visions
  • Interval
  • Henry Purcell
        • Thou wakeful shepherd (A Morning Hymn) Z198
  • John Blow
        • God is our hope and strength
  • Matthew Locke (c.1621-1677)
      • The Tempest
        • Curtain Tune
  • Henry Purcell
        • Rejoice in the Lord alway Z49
        • Sound the trumpet Z323
        • My heart is inditing Z30
  • Encore
  • Thomas Morley (c.1557-1602)
        • Third Dirge Anthem (I heard a voice from heav'n)

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