Saturday 3 February 2018 11:00AM

CAVATINA Family Concert: Barbican Piano Trio

Interactive concert for families with children aged 5 plus


This concert will be approximately 1 hour in duration, without an interval


Priority Bookings made for the Spring booking period of our 2017/18 season are subject to an administration fee of £3.00 per booking.

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  • Barbican Piano Trio

Join the award-winning Barbican Piano Trio, regarded as one of the UK’s leading ensembles, for an interactive family concert which explores the wonderful world of chamber music.

  • Wigmore Hall is proud to meet the Family Arts Standards reflecting its commitment to offering family-friendly events and spaces.
  • CAVATINA Chamber Music Trust, renowned for bringing chamber music to young people and young people to chamber music, is delighted to present this concert in association with Wigmore Hall

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