Tuesday 18 June 2013 10:00AM

Chamber Tots

For 2-3 year olds


The workshops are specifically designed for the set age groups so please ensure you book for the appropriate session. For more information please see here.


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  • Natasha Zielazinski workshop leader
  • Guildhall School of Music & Drama

Workshops leaders from our Chamber Tots in the Community project lead music-making workshops for children aged 1 to 5 and their parents/carers, alongside emerging chamber music ensembles.

Hear the musicians play; take part in a workshop which features singing, movement and percussion-playing; and explore the ensembles’ instruments up close.

These workshops are for parents/carers and their toddlers to make music together. Please avoid bringing younger siblings if at all possible. If your child is under the age of 1, you may be interested in booking for our For Crying Out Loud events.

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