Tuesday 11 January 2022 1:00PM

Claire Booth soprano; Christopher Glynn piano

Modest Musorgsky: Unorthodox Music


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This concert will be approximately 1 hour in duration, without an interval


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  • Claire Booth soprano
  • Christopher Glynn piano

This mixture of piano pieces and songs celebrates the ‘unorthodox’ music of Modest Musorgsky, member of the Mighty Handful of Russian nationalist composers and a unique genius in the realms of vocal music and especially opera. The remarkable Yorkshire soprano has enjoyed a long and distinguished collaboration with the pianist, who is also artistic director of the Ryedale Festival and who in 2011 curated a notable Wigmore series of Ravel’s complete songs.

    • Prologue
  • Modest Musorgsky (1839-1881)
      • A Society Tale: The Goat
    • Nursery
  • Modest Musorgsky
      • From Memories of Childhood
        • Nurse and I
      • The Nursery
        • With Nurse
        • In the corner
      • From Memories of Childhood
        • First Punishment: Nurse Shuts me in a Dark Room
      • The Nursery
        • On the Hobbyhorse
    • Youthful Years
  • Modest Musorgsky
      • Longing
      • Impromptu passionné
      • From my tears
      • Night (1868 version)
    • Marriage
  • Modest Musorgsky
      • Hopak (1868 version)
      • Oh, how your eyes look at me sometimes
      • Songs and Dances of Death
        • Trepak
    • Loneliness
  • Modest Musorgsky
      • The leaves rustled sadly
      • Pictures from an Exhibition
        • Cum mortuis in lingua mortua
      • Sunless
        • Within four walls
        • On the river
      • Rêverie

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