Wednesday 3 July 1901 3:00PM

Clara Edwardes mezzo-soprano; Reginald Chalcraft baritone; Adine O'Neill piano; Ellen Howard cello

Schumann, Handel, Meyer-Helmund and more


  • Clara Edwardes mezzo-soprano* *Wigmore Hall Debut
  • Reginald Chalcraft baritone* *Wigmore Hall Debut
  • Adine O'Neill piano
  • Daisy Zingler reciter* *Wigmore Hall Debut
  • Ellen Howard cello* *Wigmore Hall Debut
  • Aida Blackmore accompanist
  • Hamilton Harty accompanist
  • Georg Liebling accompanist* *Wigmore Hall Debut

The only known appearance at Wigmore Hall of the mezzo-soprano Clara Edwardes, in which she gave the first London performance of six songs from Schumann's Lieder-Album für die Jugend Op. 79. The concert was shared with the baritone Reginald Chalcraft, who would perform again a few times during the early 1900s, usually with the Alma Mater Male Choir.

Pianist Adine O'Neill, praised in a review of this concert for her ‘fine taste and intelligence’, had studied with Clara Schumann and would go on to make early recordings for the BBC, though she is best remembered now as the wife of the composer Norman O'Neill.

Two composers joined Aida Blackmore as the accompanists for this recital: Hamilton Harty, already making his fourth appearance at Wigmore Hall, and the German pianist Georg Liebling, who would return later in the year to give two concerts alongside the influential violinist and teacher Carl Flesch.

  • Robert Schumann (1810-1856)
      • 6 Pieces in Canonic Form Op. 56
        • V. Study in Canonic Form in B minor
        • Sketch for piano
  • George Frideric Handel (1685-1759)
      • Rinaldo HWV7
        • Vieni, o cara
      • Partenope HWV27
        • Furibondo spira il vento
  • Erik Meyer-Helmund (1861-1932)
        • Ich wandle unter Blumen Op. 71 No. 3
  • Walter Rabl (1873-1940)
        • Mädchenlied Op. 4 No. 1
        • Es geht ein lindes Wehen Op. 4 No. 2
  • Emanuel Moór (1863-1931)
        • Es blühet ein Veilchen Op. 208 No. 1
        • Vorüber Op. 208 No. 2
  • Robert Schumann
        • Dichterliebe Op. 48 (selection of five songs)
        • Widmung Op. 25
        • Lieder-Album für die Jugend Op. 79 (selection of six songs including Schmetterling and Frühlingsbotschaft) (London première)
        • French recitation by Daisy Zingler
  • George Henschel (1850-1934)
        • Young Dietrich
  • Alfred Scott-Gatty (1847-1918)
        • Ae Fond Kiss
  • Trad/Irish
        • The Gentle Maiden (arr. Sir Arthur Somervell)
  • Hermann Löhr (1871-1943)
      • A Garland of Song
        • Daybreak
        • Glorious Apollo
  • Herman Bemberg (1859-1931)
        • Chant hindou
  • Liza Lehmann (1862-1918)
        • L'oiseleur
  • Georg Liebling (1865-1946)
        • Cradle Song Op. 39
        • Land That I Love
  • Fryderyk Chopin (1810-1849)
        • Scherzo No. 2 in B flat minor Op. 31
  • Landon Ronald (1873-1938)
      • Love Tokens
        • Secret Love
  • Edward German (1862-1936)
        • Sweet Rose
  • Arthur Goring Thomas (1850-1892)
        • Night Hymn at Sea

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