Friday 2 December 2016 7:30PM

Wu Man pipa; Basel Rajoub’s Soriana Project

Contemporary Music from the Ends of The Silk Route

Additional notes

  • Change of Artist
    Due to unforeseen circumstances, Sanubar Tursun (dutar) is unable to take part in this concert.

  • Change of Duration
    The duration for this concert has now changed from previously advertised. See below for new duration time
  • There is a pre-concert talk ahead of this concert at 6:00pm
  • Please also note that the Post-Concert Question and Answer session is no longer going ahead
  • Archived

    • Wu Man pipa
    • Basel Rajoub’s Soriana Project
    • Basel Rajoub saxophone, duclar
    • Andrea Piccioni percussion
    • Feras Charestan qanun
    • Lynn Adib vocals

    In this rare musical encounter, the eastern and western ends of the Silk Route are musically joined as Chinese pipa maestra Wu Man and Syrian composer-saxophonist Basel Rajoub perform, both separately and together, a repertoire of new compositions, improvisations and arrangements of contemporary music inspired by tradition.

    • This concert is generously presented in collaboration with the Aga Khan Music Initiative, a programme of the Aga Khan Trust for Culture (
    • Traditional
          • Yanchun Baixue (White Snow in Spring) (arr. Wu Man)
    • Wang Huiran
          • Yizu Wuqu (Dance of the Yi)
    • Mamer
          • Kazakh Song (arr. Wu Man)
    • Andrea Piccioni
          • Variazioni sopra la tammurriata
    • Basel Rajoub
          • Honour
          • Gypsy Home
    • Wu Man
          • Teahouse (arr. Feras Charestan/Andrea Piccioni)
    • Interval
    • Basel Rajoub
          • Bedaya
          • Queen of Turquoise
    • Traditional
          • Qanun solo: Improvisation in maqams (arr. Feras Charestan)
          • Hamam (arr. Lynn Adib/Basel Rajoub)
          • Maryam
    • Basel Rajoub
          • Jasmine Tree
          • Magic
    • Encore
    • Basel Rajoub
          • Asia

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