Thursday 28 February 2019 7:00PM

Dame Emma Kirkby soprano

70th Birthday Concert


Confirmation of Programme
The programme for this concert has been confirmed as listed below:


  • Dame Emma Kirkby soprano
  • Miriam Allan soprano
  • Steven Devine harpsichord
  • Jakob Lindberg lute
  • Members of Dowland Works
  • Chelys Consort
  • Fieri Consort

Dame Emma performs alongside long-term musical associates as well as a younger generation of artists she believes will play an important role in the future of early music.

List to Dame Emma Kirkby discusses her career with Jessica Duchen

  • John Dowland (1563-1626)
        • Disdain me still, that I may ever love
        • My thoughts are winged with hopes
        • Go, crystal tears
  • John Danyel (c.1564-1626)
        • A Fancy for two lutes
        • Coy Daphne fled
        • Thou pretty bird
        • Like as the lute delights
  • John Dowland
        • Deare, if you change, ile never chuse again
        • I must complain, yet do enjoy my love
        • Would my conceit that first enforced my woe
  • William Byrd (c.1540-1623)
        • Fantasia
        • Constant Penelope
        • Ye sacred muses
  • Michael East (1580-1648)
        • Farewell, sweet woods and mountains
  • Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625)
        • In Nomine
        • Daintie fine bird
        • What is our life
  • Interval
  • Luca Marenzio (1553-1599)
        • Se quel dolor che va inanzi al morire (excerpt)
  • Giovanni Kapsberger (c.1580-1651)
        • Toccata in G
  • Sigismondo D'India (1582-1629)
        • Dove potro mai gir tanto lontano
  • Antonio Cifra (1584-1629)
        • Vattene pur crudel
  • Sigismondo D'India
        • La tra'l sangue e le morti egro giacente
        • Ahi, chi fia che consoli il dolor mio?
  • Giovanni Felice Sances (c.1600-1679)
        • Lagrimosa belt√†
  • John Jenkins (1592-1678)
        • Why Sigh'st Thou, Shepherd?
  • William Lawes (1602-1645)
        • Come my Daphne, come away
        • Trialogue: O Orpheus
  • John Blow (1648-1708)
      • Suite No. 2 in D minor
        • I. Ground
        • II. Rondo
  • Henry Purcell (c.1659-1695)
        • In some kind dream Z497
        • Music for a while Z583
        • I spy Celia, Celia eyes me Z499
      • King Arthur Z628
        • For love ev'ry creature is form'd

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