Friday 6 July 2018 10:00PM

David Orlowsky Trio

Orlowsky, Popp, Schwartz, Zbarzher and Dohrmann

Additional notes

Please note the starting time is 10:00pm


  • David Orlowsky Trio
  • David Orlowsky clarinet
  • Jens-Uwe Popp guitar
  • Florian Dohrmann double bass

Clarinettist David Orlowsky and his classical chart-topping Trio, purveyors of ‘weightless music of the moment’, take the audience on a journey from cosmopolitan Odessa to Paris with compositions touched by echoes of lost ancestors, the kings of klezmer, contemporary jazz and world music, and sacred polyphony. The trio mostly composes their own music, which they refer to as “”

The Wigmore Hall Bar will be open after the concert for more late night Jazz and drinks. Free with your ticket, Jazz pianist Joe Hill will be performing from 11:00PM.

Watch a short taster of the David Orlowsky Trio in action

  • David Orlowsky (b.1981)
        • Lyra
        • Sababa
        • Bucovina
  • Jens-Uwe Popp (b.1967)
        • Satin
  • Abe Schwartz (1881-1963)
        • Lebedig un Freylach / Odessa Bulgar
  • Jens-Uwe Popp
        • Night Train to Odessa
        • Jodaeiye
  • Velvl Zbarzher (1824-1884)
        • Kum aher Du Filozof
  • Florian Dohrmann (b.1972)
        • The Ultimate Bulgar
        • Taxi Bucuresti