Tuesday 12 April 2022 7:00PM

Dunedin Consort



Download the PDF programme and song sheet/translations here. Reproduction and distribution is strictly prohibited.


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  • Dunedin Consort
  • Nicholas Mulroy tenor (as Evangelist), director
  • Anna Dennis soprano
  • Claudia Huckle alto
  • Stephan Loges bass (as Christus)
  • Fflur Wyn soprano
  • Amy Lyddon mezzo-soprano
  • David Lee tenor
  • William Gaunt bass
  • Claire Evans soprano
  • Matthew Truscott violin I
  • Kinga Ujszászi violin II
  • John Crockatt viola
  • Jonathan Manson cello
  • Alexander Jones violone
  • Katy Bircher flute
  • Marta Gonçalves flute
  • Frances Norbury oboe
  • Molly Marsh oboe
  • James Johnstone organ
  • Huw Daniel violin I
  • Rebecca Livermore violin II
  • Oliver Wilson viola
  • Lucia Capellaro cello
  • Hannah Turnbull violone
  • Hazel Woodcock flute
  • Fiona Ferguson flute
  • Merlin Harrison oboe
  • Amy Roberts oboe

Described as ‘the most sought-after evangelist of his generation’, Nicholas Mulroy has been central to our annual Matthew Passion performances for more than a decade. This year, in a Dunedin Consort first, he takes the helm as director, combining his unparalleled gift for storytelling with a musicality that is touching and inspiring in equal measure. Performed in Dunedin Consort’s celebrated one-to-a-part interpretation, Bach’s masterpiece is at its most powerful — a glorious work of optimism, hope, togetherness and salvation.

  • Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
      • St Matthew Passion BWV244

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