Friday 5 July 2019 1:00PM

Elizabeth Kenny theorbo

Piccinini, Kapsberger, MacMillan and more


Change of Running Order
The running order for this concert has changed and will now be as listed below:


  • Elizabeth Kenny theorbo

Late 16th-century musicians and poets spent much time attempting to re-make contemporary culture in the image of the Ancients: the intellectual-sounding chitarrone was one of the more unlikely fruits of this movement. But with its long second neck and eccentric tuning it soon acquired a reputation for comedy, and was nicknamed tiorba, (an old man’s hurdy gurdy), and in England, ”theorbo”. Player-composers explored experimental harmonies and flowing tunes underpinned by its deep bass strings. Today’s composers are taking the instrument into new imaginative terrain, exploring its twin identities. This programme features Nico Muhly’s Berceuse, written for Liz Kenny in November 2018.

  • Alessandro Piccinini (1566-1638)
        • Toccata cromatica
        • Ciaconna
  • Giovanni Kapsberger (c.1580-1651)
        • Toccata
      • Libro quarto d'intavolatura di chitarone
        • Passacaglia
        • Capona
      • Libro primo d'intavolatura di lauto
        • Canario
      • Libro quarto d'intavolatura di chitarone
        • Colascione
  • James MacMillan (b.1959)
      • Since it was the Day of Preparation
        • Motet No. 1
  • Benjamin Oliver (b.1981)
        • Extending from the Inside
  • Robert de Visée (c.1655-1732)
        • Suite No. 6 in C minor
  • Nico Muhly (b.1981)
        • Berceuse with 7 variations
  • Encore
  • Henry Purcell (c.1659-1695)
        • A New Irish Tune ('Lilliburlero') in G Z646 (arr. Elizabeth Kenny)

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