Saturday 23 January 2016 3:00PM

Arcis Saxophone Quartet; Boccherini Trio

ECMA Showcase 2016

Additional notes

Change of Artist and Programme
Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Stratos Quartet is no longer able to perform in the above concert. The group will be replaced by the Boccherini Trio (string trio). The new programme is as listed below.


  • Arcis Saxophone Quartet
  • Boccherini Trio

This concert rejoices in the diversity of repertoire for two contrasting ensembles, the piano quartet and saxophone quartet.

Ligeti’s Six Bagatelles, originally written for piano, launch the Arcis Saxophone Quartet’s dynamic programme, while the Boccherini Trio takes on Reger’s String Trio in A minor Op. 77b, a work that blurs the boundaries between modern tonality with the safe havens of romantic and classical melody.

  • The ECMA Showcase has been supported by a gift from the estates of the late Thomas and Betty Elton in memory of Sigmund Elton
  • György Ligeti (1923-2006)
        • Six Bagatelles
  • Ferenc Farkas (1905-2000)
        • Early Hungarian Dances from the 17th Century
  • Fabien Lévy (b.1968)
        • Durch, in memoriam G. Grisey
  • Max Reger (1873-1916)
        • String Trio in A minor Op. 77b
  • Encore
  • Philippe Geiss (b. 1961)
        • Patchwork

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