Saturday 29 October 2022 2:00PM

Family Concert: Glitter Bird

Recommended for families with children aged 5-7

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This concert will be approximately 1 hour in duration, without an interval


  • Tim Keasley oboe
  • Jess Mollie percussion
  • Rosie Bergonzi percussion

When the Queen hears the most beautiful birdsong in all the world, she knows she must have it for herself. But when Glitter Bird is trapped away from all he loves, he forgets how to sing. Come and help us find his voice on this magical journey of empathy and understanding. Join musical story telling trio WRANGLE! for this performance written for families with children aged 5-7, drawing on over 300 years of music!

  • Applicable for £1 Ticket Scheme
  • Applicable for First Time Booker offer

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