Saturday 28 April 2018 11:00AM

Family Concert: Singing through Spain

Interactive concert for families with children aged 5 plus


  • Jessie Maryon Davies presenter
  • Aglaia Trio
  • Gudrún Ólafsdóttir mezzo-soprano
  • Francisco Javier Jáuregui guitar
  • Elena Jáuregui violin

Join the Aglaia Trio on a musical journey through Spain´s rich cultural, historical and natural landscape.

In this interactive family concert, the trio performs some of Spain’s most beloved songs by celebrated composers such as Falla, Lorca and Giménez as well as cherished folk songs in a range of regional languages and styles.

Known for their engaging performances, vivid storytelling, original compositions and creative collaborations, the Aglaia Trio joins forces with presenter Jessie Maryon Davies and invites you to sing, dance, create your own bird-song chorus and even have a go at some conducting.

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  • Wigmore Hall is proud to meet the Family Arts Standards reflecting its commitment to offering family-friendly events and spaces.

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