Saturday 3 March 2018 11:00AM

Family Concert: TROUPE: The Empty Chair

Interactive concert for families with children aged 6 plus


  • Catherine Carter mezzo-soprano
  • Jessie Maryon Davies piano
  • Sophie Rivlin cello
  • Kate Wakeling writer

The Empty Chair is a mischievous musical adventure that explores the ways in which people and friendships grow and change.

When out of nowhere a mysterious empty chair appears bang in the middle of a house, its inhabitants are beyond bewildered. Why does it bring a strange, sizzling silence? Who is the tip-toeing creature full of songs and secrets that longs to help? And what on earth is a BLACK HOLE doing at the front door?

The Empty Chair unfolds through playful storytelling and irresistible music for voice, cello and piano, drawn from across the ages to include works by Debussy, Couperin, Berio and Moondog, alongside new music by TROUPE.

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