Friday 18 October 1901 3:00PM

Frank Harris

On the Life of Shakespeare


  • Frank Harris

No programme or promotional material for this lecture is currently in our archive collection, with all information we have coming from a Fixture List of scheduled forthcoming events in the autumn and winter of 1901. However, if it took place, it seems very likely to have been a talk given by the notorious Irish writer and journalist Frank Harris, who wrote several books and articles on Shakespeare including The Man Shakespeare and his Tragic Life Story, published in 1909.

Harris had run away to America at thirteen, supporting himself through a number of jobs including work as a cowboy and lawyer before returning to Europe in 1882, where he turned his hand to writing short stories and plays. He is perhaps best remembered now for his controversial autobiography My Life and Loves, which was banned in both the United States and Britain.

A second recital of short stories also appears in the Fixture List, to take place on October 25th.