Friday 25 October 1901 3:00PM

Frank Harris

Lecture and short stories


  • Frank Harris

The second of two scheduled lectures by Frank Harris for which no programme or promotional material is currently in our archive collection, with the former being a lecture on Shakespeare earlier in the month. As a Shakespearian and a writer of short stories – two of many strings to a bow that also included journalism, publishing and the writing of biographies – it seems likely that the Frank Harris in question is the same one now best known for his friendships with Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw, and for the exaggerated account of his life that appears in his memoirs.

A global traveller, Frank Harris was born in Galway in 1855 and as a teenager fled to America, where he remained until the 1880s, touring Europe and eventually settling in England before returning to America at the beginning of the First World War. These recitals would have taken place in the early stages of his career as a writer of fiction and plays, shortly after his time as the editor of the often politically controversial London paper the Saturday Review.