Saturday 12 February 2022 3:00PM

Imagine Series

Low stimulus performance for young people aged 16 plus


This will be a low stimulus performance and may benefit those who prefer a quieter environment

  • Music will be programmed that doesn't contain any sudden or loud moments.
  • Lighting will be kept low, and performances will be in the daytime to benefit from the natural light from the ceiling window.
  • Announcements and background noise will be kept to a minimum.
  • There will be a quiet space during the performance in the Bechstein room.
  • Hand dryers will be switched off in the toilets and paper towels will be available instead.
  • Duration

    This concert will be approximately 1 hour in duration, without an interval


    Experience unique concerts at Wigmore Hall reimagined for young people to explore music in an informal environment. Produced for and with young people, these inclusive concerts will feature music from a range of artists in partnership with leading arts organisations and youth-led groups.

    Concerts will also benefit those who prefer an informal environment – audiences can freely move in/out of the Hall and there will be a dedicated quiet zone. There will also be chance to meet the artists in the Bechstein Room after the performance.

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