Thursday 6 June 2019 4:45PM

Introduction to Music: Second Viennese School


The transformation of the language of music from tonality to atonality is one the most fascinating and shocking manifestations of the modernist movement. The common chords (triads) that had formed the basis of Western music since the beginning of the 17th century no longer held sway and a new and strange soundworld emerged. The father figure of this musical maelstrom was Arnold Schoenberg, who, along with his pupils Anton Webern and Alban Berg, represents what is known as the Second Viennese School and a musical style which many music lovers find rather baffling.

This course led by Roy Stratford seeks to explain the circumstances of the rise of this new style, to explore the huge differences between the three musicians, and most of all to expose some of the music which is both hugely approachable and emotionally rewarding.

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