Friday 27 April 2018 6:00PM

Kathleen Ferrier Award 2018



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  • Nardus Williams soprano accompanied by Jâms Coleman piano
  • Samuel Carl bass-baritone accompanied by Soohong Park piano
  • Stephanie Wake-Edwards alto accompanied by Thormod Rønning Kvam piano
  • Josephine Goddard soprano accompanied by Elliot Launn piano
  • William Thomas bass accompanied by Michael Pandya piano
  • Catriona Hewitson soprano accompanied by Eleanor Kornas piano

The annual auditions for the famous singing competition, founded in memory of one of the UK’s best loved contraltos, attract capacity houses from both devoted lovers of vocal art and students of singing.

Interval Supper

There will be an Interval Supper from 8:20pm – 9:30pm. All tables in the Wigmore Hall Restaurant must be pre-booked. If you would like to reserve a table for dinner, please call our Restaurant on 020 7258 8292.

pdf1Download the Ferrier Interval Supper Menu(27 KB)

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