Monday 18 February 2019 1:00PM

Kitty Whately mezzo-soprano; Simon Lepper piano

From the Pens of Women


  • Kitty Whately mezzo-soprano
  • Simon Lepper piano

Kitty Whately and Simon Lepper present a programme of English Song settings of some of the 20th century’s best-loved female poets and writers, including Ursula Vaughan Williams, Virginia Woolf, Edna St. Vincent Millay and Margaret Atwood.

  • Jonathan Dove (b.1959)
      • All the Future Days
        • Autobiography
        • Penelope
        • The Siren
  • Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958)
        • 4 Last Songs
  • Judith Cloud (b.1954)
      • Night Dreams
        • Variations on the Word Sleep
  • Lori Laitman (b.1955)
      • Orange Afternoon Lover
        • I Was Reading a Scientific Article
  • Dominick Argento (b.1927)
      • From the Diary of Virginia Woolf
        • Anxiety
  • Rebecca Clarke (1886-1979)
        • Lethe
  • Juliana Hall (b.1958)
      • Letters from Edna
        • To Harriet Monroe
        • To Mother
  • Jonathan Dove
        • Nights Not Spent Alone

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