Sunday 2 October 2011 11:30AM

Kungsbacka Piano Trio

Beethoven and Henze


  • Kungsbacka Piano Trio

The Kungsbacka Trio has developed an enviable reputation for exploring a wide-ranging repertoire, which will be exemplified in this Coffee Concert in coupling a brand-new work with two of Beethoven’s most impressive in the piano trio genre. Beethoven’s Op. 1 lifted the form for the first time into a four-movement pattern, thus giving it greater heft and stature, while the Eb Trio, Op. 70 No. 2, is the gentler lyrical foil to the rather more famous ‘Ghost’ Trio.

  • Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)
        • Piano Trio in C minor Op. 1 No. 3
  • Hans Werner Henze (1926-2012)
        • Adagio adagio
  • Ludwig van Beethoven
        • Piano Trio in E flat major Op. 70 No. 2

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