Tuesday 10 March 2020 7:30PM

London Handel Orchestra; Adrian Butterfield director

Parnasso in Festa


  • London Handel Orchestra
  • Adrian Butterfield director
  • Katie Bray mezzo-soprano (as Apollo)
  • Keri Fuge soprano (as Clio)
  • Charlotte Bowden soprano (as Orfeo)
  • Eszter Balogh mezzo-soprano (as Calliope)
  • Emily Sierra alto (as Cloride)
  • Annabel Kennedy mezzo-soprano (as Euterpe)
  • John Lee bass (as Proteo/Mars)

This year’s London Handel Festival includes a rare revival of a serenata composed to celebrate the wedding in March 1734 of Anna, Princess Royal, the eldest daughter of George II and a pupil of the composer himself, to Prince William of Orange, and which was sufficiently successful to be revived in Handel’s later seasons.

  • George Frideric Handel (1685-1759)
        • Parnasso in festa HWV73

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