Friday 29 June 2018 10:00PM

Lucy Schaufer mezzo-soprano; Huw Watkins piano

The Class of 1938

Additional notes

Please note the starting time is 10:00pm


This concert will be approximately 1 hour in duration, without an interval


Ticket bookings are subject to a £2.00 administration fee. This fee covers the whole booking and is not per ticket.

  • Lucy Schaufer mezzo-soprano
  • Huw Watkins piano

One link connects the composers in Lucy Schaufer’s show – they were all born in 1938. The American mezzo celebrates their 80th birthdays and their music’s dazzling diversity, complete with a John Corigliano world première.

  • Wild Plum Arts
  • William Bolcom (b.1938)
      • Minicabs
        • I Feel Good
        • People Change
        • Food Song #2
        • Finale: Mystery of the Song?
      • Three Ghost Rags
        • I. Graceful Ghost Rag
  • Joan Tower
        • Up High (UK première)
        • Or like Engine
  • John Harbison
      • North and South
        • Late Air
  • Charles Wuorinen (b.1938)
        • Twang
  • Hedy West (1938-2005)
        • Five Hundred Miles (world première)
  • John Corigliano (b.1938)
        • The Passionate Shepherd to His Love (world première) [1]
  • Frederic Rzewski (b.1938)
        • War Song No. 1
  • Gordon Lightfoot (b.1938)
        • Black Day in July (world première)
  • Peter Yarrow (b.1938)
        • Sweet Survivor (world première)
  • John Corigliano
        • Metamusic
  1. Co-commissioned by Wild Plum Arts and Wigmore Hall

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