Saturday 18 January 2020 3:00PM

Masterclass with Hatto Beyerle, Patrick Jüdt, and Quatuor Metamorphoses

European Chamber Music Academy Showcase 2020

Additional notes

Change of Participants
Due to unforeseen circumstances, Professor Johannes Meissl and Trio Incendio are no longer able to take part in the above masterclass. The masterclass will now take place with Hatto Beyerle, Patrick Jüdt, and Quatuor Metamorphoses.


Hatto Beyerle and Patrick Jüdt lead a masterclass with Quatuor Métamorphoses, in which the audience has the opportunity to explore the intricacies of the work and ask questions about the artistic choices faced by the performers.

  • The ECMA Showcase has been supported by a gift from the estates of the late Thomas and Betty Elton in memory of Sigmund Elton

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