Friday 27 October 2017 7:30PM

Max Raabe singer; Christoph Israel piano

A Night in Berlin


  • Max Raabe singer
  • Christoph Israel piano

The forces of creativity and destruction raged during the short-lived Weimar Republic.

Max Raabe, founder of the Palast Orchester, makes a welcome return to Wigmore Hall to bring the biting satire of Berlin’s cabaret scene back to life. The German singer mines the Weimar legacy of ‘Gassenhauer’ or ‘alley hits’, tunes picked up instantly and sung in the streets.

He and Christoph Israel also revive movie melodies such as Marlene Dietrich’s ‘Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuß auf Liebe eingestellt’, best known as ‘Falling in love again’, and tragi-comic numbers from the turbulent early 1930s.

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