Wednesday 27 April 2022 7:30PM

Nicholas Daniel oboe; Mahan Esfahani harpsichord; Adam Walker flute; Ben Goldscheider horn; Isang Enders cello

Carter, Debussy, Jörg Widmann, Kaija Saariaho and Thomas Adès


Download the PDF programme here. Reproduction and distribution is strictly prohibited.

Slight Change of Programme
The programme of the above concert has changed slightly and will now be as follows.


  • Nicholas Daniel oboe
  • Mahan Esfahani harpsichord
  • Adam Walker flute
  • Ben Goldscheider horn
  • Isang Enders cello

An eclectic group of fine musicians come together for a mixed programme of 20th- and 21st-century works. Following his solo violin sonata, Debussy noted that he intended his next to be for oboe, horn and harpsichord. The edition made by Kenneth Cooper uses material from various piano pieces, including the first book of Images (1905) and the ballet La boîte á joujoux (1915).

  • This concert is part of the CAVATINA Chamber Music Trust ticket scheme, offering free tickets to those aged 8-25
  • Claude Debussy (1862-1918)
      • Sonata for oboe, horn and harpsichord
        • (reconstructed by Kenneth Cooper)
  • Kaija Saariaho (b.1952)
      • Mirrors
  • Elliott Carter (1908-2012)
      • Sonata for flute, oboe, cello and harpsichord
  • Interval
  • Jörg Widmann (b.1973)
      • Air for solo horn
  • Thomas Adès (b.1971)
      • Sonata da Caccia Op. 11

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