Saturday 20 February 2016 3:30PM

Alicia's Gift Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion

Additional notes

There is a concert of the novel ahead of this panel discussion at 2:00pm


  • Jessica Duchen
  • Guy Johnston
  • Murray McLachlan
  • Dr. Michelle Castelletti

Child prodigies are a perpetual source of fascination in the musical world, but controversy is never far away from them.

What constitutes a true prodigy? What are the pros and cons of starting a musical career this way? How should families and teachers best nurture such a talent?

Following a concert featuring excerpts from her novel Alicia’s Gift, author and music journalist Jessica Duchen is joined by cellist Guy Johnston, Head of Keyboard at Chetham’s School of Music Murray McLachlan, and Artistic Director at Royal Northern College of Music Dr Michelle Castelletti to debate these issues and more.