Sunday 22 October 2017 7:30PM


Christopher Tye and Claude Le Jeune: 16th-century musical radicals

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    This concert will be approximately 2 hours in duration, including an interval


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    • Phantasm
    • Laurence Dreyfus treble viol, director
    • Emilia Benjamin treble viol, tenor viol
    • Jonathan Manson tenor viol
    • Markku Luolajan-Mikkola bass viol
    • Mikko Perkola bass viol

    Christopher Tye and Claude Le Jeune, like so many musicians of the 1500s, negotiated the seismic religious upheavals of their century, the Protestant Tye, conceiving his instrumental music during the turbulent reign of the Catholic Mary Tudor, and the Protestant Le Jeune under the protection of Huguenot patrons. Phantasm explores the diverse moods of Tye’s ‘In Nomines’ and pieces from Le Jeune’s delightful Meslanges et fantasies de violes.

    • Supported by CAVATINA Chamber Music Trust
    • Christopher Tye (c.1505-1572)
          • In Nomine a 4
          • In Nomine a 5 'Beleve Me'
          • In Nomine a 5 'Round'
          • Dum transisset No. 3
          • O lux beata Trinitas
    • Claude Le Jeune (c.1528-1600)
          • Fantaisie No. 1
          • Que je porte d'envie
          • Debat la noste trill' en May
    • Christopher Tye
          • In Nomine a 5 'Rachells weepinge'
          • Rubum quem a 5
          • In Nomine a 5 'Re la re'
          • In Nomine a 5 'Howld fast'
          • In Nomine a 5 'I come'
          • Amavit eum Dominus
          • In Nomine a 5 'Crye'
    • Interval
    • Claude Le Jeune
          • Susanne un jour
          • Quell'eau, quel air, quel feu
          • Une Puce
          • O Roze reyne des fleurs
          • Fracine roze d'este
    • Christopher Tye
          • In Nomine a 5 'Seldome sene'
          • In Nomine a 5 'Reporte'
          • Christus resurgens
          • In Nomine a 5 'Trust'
          • Sit fast a 3
    • Claude Le Jeune
          • Fantaisie No. 2
          • Tu ne l'enten pas
          • Fantaisie No. 3 (after 'Benedicta est Coelorum Regina' by Josquin DesPrez)
          • Revecy venir du Printemps

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