Thursday 11 July 2019 6:00PM

Jane Glover In Conversation


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  • Jane Glover
  • James Murphy

In 1710, a talented young supernova landed in London and transformed its musical life. While much has changed since Handel’s day, much has remarkably stayed the same, as revealingly chronicled by conductor Jane Glover in her acclaimed new book Handel in London. In this special event, co-presented by Wigmore Hall and the Royal Philharmonic Society, Chief Executive of the RPS, James Murphy, talks to Jane about the iconic composer, his lasting impact in Britain, and how exploring his extraordinary life story has shaped how she performs his music.

Praise for Jane's book:

Written in elegant prose that wears its author's scrupulous scholarship lightly ... Glover deftly weaves musical analysis into her biographical flow. Her greatest achievement, however, is to give life and music a political and social context. - Richard Morrison, The Times