Saturday 8 October 2022 12:00PM

Pre-concert talk: Siglo de Oro with Dr Daniel Trocmé-Latter

The Mysterious Motet Book of 1539


This event will be approximately 30 minutes in duration, without an interval


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  • Daniel Trocmé-Latter

Vocal ensemble Siglo de Oro have collaborated with Dr Daniel Trocmé-Latter (University of Cambridge) to bring to life a mysterious motet anthology from the late 1530s. Dr Trocmé-Latter's research has shed light on this sacred music, which was assembled by the Milanese composer Hermann Matthias Werrecore and sent to the publisher Peter Schoeffer in Strasbourg where it was printed in a set of five partbooks. In doing so, the repertoire not only crossed the Alps, but became cross-confessional, travelling from staunchly Catholic Milan to a newly Protestant one. What then was the purpose of publishing a motet book in a German imperial city where Latin choral singing no longer took place? 

Patrick Allies is joined by Dr Trocmé-Latter to explore the mysterious motet anthology that will be performed in the lunchtime concert.