Saturday 3 December 2022 7:00PM

Quatuor Bozzini; Juliet Fraser soprano

Cassandra Miller, Gerald Barry and Michael Oesterle


This concert is approximately 1 hour 15 minutes in duration, without an interval


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  • Quatuor Bozzini
  • Clemens Merkel violin
  • Stéphanie Bozzini violin
  • Isabelle Bozzini viola
  • Alissa Cheung cello
  • Juliet Fraser soprano

Originally entitled Solace for Irreversible Losses, Michael Oesterle’s work (2010) was his first in a series about the British mathematician, while Barry’s latest quartet (2006-7) refers to a short story of the same name by Kafka. Miller's prize-winning About Bach (2015) derives from a phrase in the famous D minor Chaconne. Thanksong (2020), for which the quartet is joined by soprano Juliet Fraser, refers to the Heiliger Dankgesang from Beethoven’s Quartet Op. 132.

  • Cassandra Miller (b.1976)
      • Thanksong
        • (London première)
  • Michael Oesterle (b.1968)
      • String Quartet No. 3 'Alan Turing'
  • Cassandra Miller
      • About Bach
  • Gerald Barry (b.1952)
      • First Sorrow (String Quartet No. 4)

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