Thursday 7 May 2020 7:30PM

Sarah Fox soprano; Ema Nikolovska mezzo-soprano; Simon Bode tenor; Marcus Farnsworth baritone; Graham Johnson piano

2020 Vision - The Eyes Have It


This concert will be approximately 2 hours in duration, including an interval


Priority Bookings made for our 2019/20 Season Summer concerts are subject to an administration fee of £4.00 per booking.

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  • Sarah Fox soprano
  • Ema Nikolovska mezzo-soprano
  • Simon Bode tenor
  • Marcus Farnsworth baritone
  • Graham Johnson piano

2020 Vision renders opticians obsolete, even in 2019. The eyes have it in their youth, and not only those of successful parliamentarians where depth of vision is as important as sharp focus. Schubert famously wore spectacles but far-sighted composers like him allow us to hear myriad vocal colours. This Songmakers' Almanac programme is an anthology of seeing and looking, vision and perception; it is also a salute to those twinned ocular marvels, die Augen, les yeux, los ojos, the eyes, that have elicited star-struck and passionate responses from poets and composers across the centuries.

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